Lydia Azure Blue Grama Bluegrass Fiddle Vocals

Instilled with a passion for music at an early age, Lydia Azure is a dynamic performer and instructor. Lydia studied violin classically throughout her youth and went on to earn a Master of Music degree. In addition, Lydia has a passion for bluegrass that is insatiable, partially as a result of her banjo-playing father who encouraged her to enjoy old-time music alongside her more serious studies.
She enjoys collaboration and has a reputation for playing anytime, anywhere. Consequently she has picked with the likes of the Hillbenders, Jeff Scroggins and Colorado, and the Henhouse Prowlers. Chamber music was the focus of her graduate degree, and her experience playing viola naturally led to her acquiring a 5-string violin and experimenting with edgy playing that is influenced by blues, jazz and other roots music. Lydia is also employed as an instructor in an elementary school enrichment program which provides violin, fiddle, and mandolin lessons to public school children. She also maintains an active private studio, teaching students varying from age 6 through adulthood. In her free time she enjoys hiking, reading, and yoga.

Lydia also enjoys singing and has an aptitude for finding just the right harmony to fill out the group sound or back up her band-mates.