Lucas Albright

Lucas Albright is many things.  He is a mysterious combination of components ranging from extraordinary composer to artist.  Although he is a Colorado native, he grew up in the hills of West Virginia, which lends an unmistakable authenticity to his fiery bluegrass chops.  The man can roll the banjo with the fastest and placed 2nd in the 2015 Rockygrass banjo contest.  Not only is he an accomplished banjo player, he is an excellent flat-pick and classical guitarist.  Part ninja, part musician, he is a lifelong Shinto devotee and his combination of artistry and intellect intrigues all who have the pleasure of being in his presence.

Lucas has added a layer of energy to Blue Grama’s unique sound that leaves audiences spellbound.  He studied music at Marshall University and is a true professional.  Only those who have seen his live performances can truly understand the unique nature of his musical artistry.